AU Casino Legality

AU casino legality lets Aussie citizens to access offshore online gambling services but prohibits these to operate within Australia.

AU casino legality was greatly affected in 2001 when the Australian Commonwealth Parliament passed The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA). While the IGA determined that it is prohibited to offer online gambling services from within Australia itself, it did not prohibit Aussie citizens from using online gambling services by offshore operators.

This renders AU casino legality a subject which is not completely out ruled in Australia and like in many European, Asian and Latin American countries, there are forces in Australia which operate to bring AU casino legality to the forefront in order to try and shift lawmakers to allow for online casinos to operate from within Australia.

Whether this positive advancement in AU casino legality happens in the near or the far future, Aussie online casino players are not affected by AU casino legality problems since they are not prohibited to use online gambling services from offshore online casino operators.